Small Harbor Improvement Projects Program (SHIPP) Round 3 (2022)

On April 19th 2022 the Connecticut Port Authority (CPA) issued a Request for Applications (RFA) for the third round of SHIPP grant funding. Applications were accepted through July 8th.

Eleven applications were received and ten met the qualification requirements of the program (one application submitted was for infrastructure not owned by the public sector and, thus, was deemed not qualified). Eight of the applications were from entities that had received prior SHIPP funding. Ultimately, ten projects in seven municipalities statewide were selected for a total of $5.9 million in grant funds.

Rating Criteria

• Local and regional supporting actions
• Economic and market viability
• Timeline to implementation
• Project permitted
• Financial impact if project grant not awarded
• Type of marine related services provided by facility
• Stage of Project, planning, design, construction or other
• Number of current employees, and jobs created by this project

SHIPP ROUND 3 Recipients

Norwalk, Street Ends-Public Access, Planning Study $44,000.00
Norwich, Riverfront Pier-Walkway, Planning Study $45,000.00
Stamford, Boat Ramp(s) Feasibility Study, Planning Study $20,000.00
Stamford, Cummings Marina Design, Municipal Marina, Planning Study $236,500.00
Stonington, Town Pier Commercial Fish, Planning Study $250,000.00
Branford, Branford Point Wharf, Construction $1,000,000.00
Guilford, Municipal Marina Dredging, Construction $861,500.00
Norwich, Municipal Marina Docks/Piers, Construction $289,489.80
Stamford, Cove Island Park Municipal Marina Dredging, Construction $3,095,520.00
Stratford, Emergency Service Dock, Construction $63,345.60

Total = $5,905,355.40

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